“Before starting my lessons with Svein I had very limited theoretical knowledge of the fretboard. He really helped put the bits and pieces that I did know together and made sure I quickly solidified my knowledge of the instrument. Once I came to grips with the basics we moved on to more challenging concepts and he always finds something new and interesting to teach me. Our lessons are also always filled with laughter and from the first lesson onwards he met me with patience and understanding.

Long story short, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every lessons I’ve had so far. If you’re looking for an amazing guitar teacher, whether you’re a beginner of more advanced student, I can’t recommend Svein enough.”

Guillaume Olivier

“Svein is a great guitar teacher. He has the three essential qualities: he is a great musician; he is a great communicator; and he is patient. Svein plays the guitar with a brilliance that is inspiring. His technique is amazing; he understands technique, and can explain it to his students; he meets the student where they are with their skills and helps them build their playing. And he does so with such humour and patience, that it is a pleasure to learn the guitar with him.”

Alice Townend

“I started my lessons with Svein in January. Before that I had never practiced any guitar, but I was always attracted to the instrument. Even if Svein is a very talented guitarist, he always puts himself at your level to give you the right tips and tricks to improve. Throughout the 10 lessons I had with Svein, he has always shown empathy that helps to bring you confidence in your playing. If you are willing to improve your skills, Svein is definitely the right person for you.”

Florian Jardin

“My lessons with Svein have been very enjoyable.  I have learned a great deal from his insightful teaching of fundamental and advanced techniques.  These skills are taught in a way that can be applied to any style of music, and Svein allows me to hand pick the pieces I wish to learn.  This allows me to learn songs at my own pace and ones that I have passion for.”

Joshuah Markink

“I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Svein, he made returning to the guitar (after a 25 year break) a pleasure! He quickly worked out what my musical interests were and gave me some interesting material to learn and work with. Svein is a great, knowledgeable and easy going guitar teacher!”

Emma McLennan

“Svein, I do not know what you do and how you do it, but Ula simply loves the guitar lessons with you. I wish she would  go to the regular school and do her homework as enthusiastic as she goes to the guitar lessons, and prepares for them. Thank you for a great job!”

Magdalena Sajda (Mother of Ula Sajda)

“I like Svein because he has given me confidence. He is a really patient man, and helps me to concentrate on my pieces. Thanks Svein!”

Arin Kulkarni

“I am a student of Maastricht university, and had 10 guitar lessons with Svein Odland during the last semester. I wasn’t sure if I could really learn some guitar skills, because I started in China and most of the time I learnt it by myself from the internet. But in fact during the class, Svein corrected many mistakes I had never noticed before. It was very nice having lessons with him, not only for learning skills, but also for enjoying the music, the atmosphere, and conversation about good music as well.”

Chuanwang Zeng

“This year of guitar lessons with you has been absolutely great! You have motivated me in so many ways, but still with no pressure. You have let me put a limit on how much work goes into the lessons and that has allowed me to continue playing while keeping a balance with the school work as well. Always postitive, huge patience, and like I said before, a great motivator.” 

Maria Lanza

“Since 5 months I have been taking lessons with Svein. The lessons are always in a relaxed atmosphere, where Svein is explaining calmly and precisely how to play the new song. Nevertheless, he selects challenging songs, which take some practice to play, but the reward is even higher. All in all, I am having great fun playing guitar together with Svein.”

Julian Engelhardt